Over the years our choices have become a way of life orientated around being in harmony with our surroundings, proving that there is an alternative to urban living, creating an economically-viable way to make our project sustainable. ▼

Accepting that no one can be entirely self-sufficient either economically or socially was the most important step towards sustainability. Along the way we sow the seeds, we cultivate and weave relationships of all kinds, which enrich the indissoluble experiences and emotions of what we are.

The principles of bioconstruction, permaculture, synergetic and renewable agriculture, the art of reusing rather than producing alternative energy have been some of the methods and tools in the creation of the circular economy of our self-sufficient living organism, Bagol’Area (but not sufficient in itself) which has a balanced exchange with its surrounding environment, minimalizing our ecological impact.

One doesn’t discover new lands without losing sight of the old ones.
A. Gide