Organic farm

Over the first few years, full of simply pastoral weekends, we came across the stories which poured out of the cracks in the volcanic stone which had been so cleverly cut and shaped to create walls for the vineyard as well as the dry-stone walls of the terraces and we imagined the lives which had brought them to life. As time goes by, we only become increasingly aware of the greatness of the place with which we fell instantly in love. ▼

The knowledge that we have entered into a secret pact of collaboration with the place where we live is what fuels our dream and that is how our organic farm, Bagolaro, was born in 2010.

For us, starting up the farm was the best way to take care of the place which welcomed us, cultivating it and bringing the soil back to life, we managed to claim some land back from the brambles and create new harmonies and equilibriums.

By making mistakes, trying again, observing and always learning from Nature (the best possible teacher), year after year we have chosen the right crops and varieties most suited to the place, sun exposure, altitude and temperature, which has continually increased the biodiversity.

Below the Bagolaro (or Minicucco); under the big tree which protects the vineyard, we have come to learn advantages as well as the difficulties of organic agriculture which we nonetheless defend as the only way to produce good and genuine food.

“A culture cannot survive very long without a sustainable agricultural base and an ethic of land use”
(Bill Mollison)