Artistic residence

If you’re an artist… a musician… you like to work at your craft but need a quiet place to develop an idea, it would be a pleasure to host you.

We could work out a suitable time period for you to stay here.


‘a Fera Bio / a market which takes place every second Sunday of each month in Catania, with organic produce sold directly from the farmers, artisanal goods, responsible tourism, fair trade and tastings.


On top of all that

We would like to call ourselves visionary dreamers (if that isn’t too presumptuous) ▼

From the beginning we knew that this project was a lot for just the two of us to handle and we wanted others to share the magical energy of this place.

If you have a project and you think that this might be the right place to develop it, you might find us to be suitable partners for you…

let’s talk about it!


Happy Hens / consortium of more than 30 businesses, whose organic farmers work with respect to nature and who have for many years supplied GAS to central/northern Italy, as well as French, Belgian and Austrian consumers


Sicilian Farms network / a network of farms which promote change, innovation, legality and sustainable development of the area


LEGAMBIENTE / valorisation of good practices and sustainable tourism strategies which embody a new way of discovering and experiencing the different territories of our beautiful Italy

Volunteering on the farm

Since the beginning we have hosted volunteers on the farm who take part in our daily life, giving us precious practical as well as moral support.

Get in touch to organise a stay or have a look on the wwoofing or workaway website to learn more.

Gusto di Campagna / an association of farmers who not only promote the sharing of knowledge, but also the value of it and socio-cultural development of rural Sicily



ETNAre / a ‘responsible network’ of farmers in the area, whose purpose is to seek common values and restore the beauty of the region, preserving its treasures and making it accessible to those who want to discover it in a respectful way


The Etna Wine Route / an association which welcomes wine cellars, farms, lodgings, restaurants which offer unforgettable experiences to the traveller, with great sceneries including the ones with fresh mountain air as well as the breezy coastline. The association promotes a discovery route through the Etna region, taking you on a volcanic journey of smells, tastes and striking beauty