Our Story

It was Spring 2005 when by chance we came across the Bagolaro and fell in love with the spectacular view and the boundless horizon across the sea which we enjoy from above the immense forest - a scene which still to this day touches and sparks life into our days… a vision which has become a way of life.

The desire to look beyond… beyond time and everyday spaces, which made us rediscover a love for our earth and the desire to value environmental and cultural heritage.

Bagol’Area (the area surrounding the Bagolaro) was from the beginning of the 1900’s the residence of a large family from Riposto, but also one of the biggest vineyards in the Etna region; more than 60 hectares of terraced vineyard with dry stone walls which are now UNESCO heritage protected, perched on the slopes of Etna between 350 and 500 metres above sea level. A vineyard of roughly 350 metres squared and various farmhouses housed the families of the resident workers; in other words a little community bursting with life.

It was chance which brought us here to this place which had been abandoned for over 30 years, almost magically overgrown and somewhat protected by the brambles which are still in abundance to remind us of both sides of the coin. The passion and dedication which helped us to find the perfect harmony between us and the place where we live, so that both may succeed and create an ecosystem of which we are also a part.

Bagol’Area is… a place where you can dream… cultivate ideas… see projects spring into life… it’s a place of action… a place to just be and take a break from it all…