We are what we eat…
Our cooking is based principally on seasonal and homegrown produce, never abandoning traditional Sicilian cooking which is simple and full of healthy and genuine flavours. On reserving in advance, we can provide dinner according to your tastes and our personal style; vegetarian, vegan or with meat and fish. If it suits you, we usually like to invite you to our own table to dine together in a table d’hote set-up.


We are situated just inside the Etna wine region, on a territory which a hundred years ago consisted of one of the largest vineyards of the area, blessed by the fertile volcanic soil. Today, we have brought back to life a smaller version of the vineyard which produces a lovely natural wine year after year.
Our Etna Red is cultivated in the DOC region, grown at 400m above sea level. Made from Nerello Mascalese and Cappuccio grapes, grown organically on sapling grafts according to the local tradition. The vineyard is on a volcanic soil terracing which faces south/south-east.
Our wine is natural and without added sulphates, matured for 12 months in oak barrels or terracotta pots (unfiltered natural yeasts)