"The only journey towards real discovery consists not in the search for new lands, but in having a new pair of eyes to see them through"
(Marcel Proust)


The light air, the strong smell of wild mint and the vibrant colour of thistles stretching upwards into the blue sky excite us just as much as when we found ourselves under the hackberry for the first time.  ▼

Along with the nettles, these were the few wild plants which had survived thirty years of neglect and abandonment. When we arrived, everything seemed to be suspended in some sort of precarious equilibrium, just managing to hold out until we got there… the horizon, the spearmint, the oranges, the clementine’s…

We discovered the strength of seemingly delicate flowers, like that of the blackberry, or wild mint and we learned how to balance competition and favour the growth of certain wild plant varieties which curbs the growth of invasive plants.

Reclaiming land from the brambles, we repopulated the terraces with the fruits that we remembered from our childhoods… the soft skin of the loquat, the delicate fragrance of the apricot, the scent of peaches… Today, Bagol’Area safeguards a consistent variety of ancient fruits which have different harvesting revolutions, feeding our body and soul throughout the entire year.