Agro-energetic farm

Photovoltaic cells, mini wind turbines and mini hydroelectric plants which make the most of the climatic conditions of the place produce the required electric energy for work and living. 95% of our energetic demands are provided by renewable sources. ▼

A remote heater plant fed by a furnace with a biomass of 120 kW which burns the scraps from our woodland maintenance and other agricultural activities.

The biomass furnace is surrounded by 150sqm of panels; 12kW of which are electric and 7 thermo-solar panels provide heating for the house and for the boiler.

Gravity irrigation and other solutions alternative to the use of electric energy have been put into place and tested out wherever and whenever possible.

A basin of around 100m3 collects rainwater from the entire area. Other than being a bio lake which benefits the surrounding ecosystem, it serves as a water reserve for summer irrigation.

In the shade of the chestnut forest there is an enormous cistern of 500m3 which allows us to optimise the irrigation system.

The installation of the water filtration tank has meant that all of the ‘white’ and ‘grey’ water produced can be used for the irrigation of green areas.

"One doesn’t discover new lands without losing sight of the old ones"
A. Gide